Winter 2019

Special Offers

ZEISS O-INSPECT 322 Special Package

Buy a ZEISS O-INSPECT 322 multi-sensor measuring machine by March 31, 2019 and save $5,000!

Package Includes*: O-INSPECT 322 System, One-Year Limited Warranty, Standard Base, Stylus Kit 1 (short styli), CALYPSO CNC Software, CALYPSO Software Maintenance (1 Year), CALYPSO Basic Training and O-INSPECT Optical Training at ZEISS, CPU –Performance Computer, 23" Widescreen LCD Monitor, HP OfficeJet 6230 Printer and O-INSPECT Installation and Acceptance.

New ZEISS O-INSPECT 543 With DotScan Sensor

Save 5.0% on purchase of O-INSPECT 543 CFS multi-sensor CMM with any DotScan Sensor and Rotary Table!

Package includes: O-INSPECT 543 CFS CMM, One Year Limited Warranty, Standard Base, Stylus Kit 1 (short styli), CALYPSO CNC Software, CALYPSO Software Maintenance 1 Year, CALYPSO Basic Training and O-INSPECT Optical Training at ZEISS, STEP Converter license and SMA, Choice of DotScan Sensor, Rotary table, CPU–Performance Computer, 23" Widescreen LCD Monitor, O-INSPECT Installation & Acceptance.

ZEISS CALYPSO CURVE Software Value Package

Purchase a ZEISS O-INSPECT multi-sensor CMM by March 31, 2019 and receive the CURVE Software Value Package FREE! It includes:

CALYPSO 2018 CURVE Software: For measuring and evaluating 2D and 3D sections of a part. Dongle or PC-Bonded versions available. CALYPSO 2018 CURVE SMA: Provides customer with all software updates and unlimited telephone support for 1 year. CALYPSO CURVE Training: This 4 day course for 1 person, held at ZEISS, educates.

CALYPSO 2018 PLANNER Value Package

Buy select new ZEISS CMMs by March 31, 2019 and receive CALYPSO PLANNER Value Package FREE*.

CALYPSO PLANNER allows you to create and test measurement plans in the same fashion as online. You can do everything you do in CALYPSO, in an offline mode. CALYPSO SIMULATION provides a simulation of the measurement plan, allowing you to model your part and tooling and test your plans offline. CALYPSO Portable Security Key increases productivity by allowing anyone to use CALYPSO PLANNER at different times. Prepare and test new plans while leaving your CMM free to measure. CALYPSO CAD Translator choice of IGES, VDA or STEP. Use PMI and upgrade to a Direct CAD Interface (CATIA V5, Solidworks, Siemens NX (UG) or Creo) for a special price.

COMET 5M Value Package

Buy a COMET 5M 3D scanning system by March 31, 2019 and receive the first FOV lens FREE!

FOV Lens Choices Include: 45mm FOV, 75mm FOV, 100mm FOV, 250mm FOV or 500mm FOV. Ask us or your local ZEISS representative for details.

METROTOM Productivity Package

Save 40% on the METROTOM Productivity Package when you purchase it with your new METROTOM CT System!

METROTOM Productivity Package Includes: NEO Insight Software, Your Choice Of Dongle or PC Bonded License. One Year Software Maintenance Agreement -Unlimited Telephone Support, Free Software Upgrade. NEO Insight Customer Education -At ZEISS Facility, Up To 3 People. METROTOM Set Up Station.

VAST Productivity Package

Buy select new ZEISS CMMs with the VAST Gold or VAST XT Gold sensor by March 31, 2019 and receive our VAST Productivity Package for FREE.

ZEISS patented high accuracy active scanning sensors offer high scanning speed and can reach almost every kind of measuring feature with stylus extensions up to 800 mm (VAST gold). VAST Productivity Package ($4,988 Value) includes: Performance CPU Upgrade,upgrade to 27” flat screen monitor, MSR Mini Multi Sensor probe rack, 4 Individual MSR probe sockets for VAST/VAST XT, 2 Sets of 2 VAST/VAST XT adapter plates (4 total). Valid for new CONTURA, ACCURA, MICURA, or PRISMO CMMs.

RDS Productivity Package

Buy a new ZEISS CONTURA, ACCURA or PRISMO CMM with the RDS and VAST XXT scanning sensor by March 31, 2019 and our RDS Productivity Package is FREE*.

The RDS with VAST XXT is well-suited for measuring complex parts, where measurement requires many styli with different spatial directions. It reaches up to 20,736 positions in 2.5˚ increments–providing access to every part feature. The Package ($5,246 value) includes: performance CPU upgrade, upgrade to 27” flat screen monitor, MSR Mini Multi Sensor Probe Rack, one 3-Position Stylus Changer for VAST XXT, one VAST XXT TL3 Stylus Adapter Plate, and two Individual RDS probe sockets

CONTURA Free Surface Roughness Instrument Offer

Purchase a new CONTURA and receive a Surfcom Touch 35 portable surface roughness measurement solution for free.

Package Includes: Any new CONTURA CMM with your choice of sensor, CALYPSO software, accessories, installation and training. The SurfcomTouch 35 comes with a large color display, an integrated printer, the standard probe, USB/micro USB ports and CALYPSO and PiWebReporting Plus software.