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Many diseases threatening central vision are accompanied by a development of abnormal vessels, intraretinal edema or circulatory failure. It used to be only a dream for retinologists to have the ability to simultaneously visualize the retinal and choroidal circulations without injection of any contrast. Then OCT-Angiography, a method that may be repeated as necessary in all patients, was invented and is now considered an obvious choice. This rapid acquisition of reliable images allows a definite diagnosis and offers significant advantages compared to angiographic imaging.

Readers will find additional chapters devoted to rarer diseases and an annotated, comprehensive bibliography at the end of this book, which may also be useful. Undoubtedly, this book confirms that the teaching skills of the Centre Ophtalmologique d’Imagerie et de Laser team will become one of the most useful references for the analysis of this new exciting semiology. Explore all this and more!

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