Transforming Retina Surgery with 3D Visualization

Webinar and cases by Dr. James Whelan, MD, Head of Ophthalmology, Memorial University, Canada

ZEISS worked with surgeons to create an innovation that has been built from the ground up to smoothly integrate digital technology into optics specifically designed for surgery. Visualization, information, comfort, and workflow in the operating room have all evolved to meet the needs of the modern surgeon in a modern world. ZEISS ARTEVO 800 is a completely integrated digital microscope for heads-up surgery.

''ZEISS has been a leader in visualization technology for 170 years and it is this experience and a commitment to constant innovation that makes the ARTEVO 800 quite simply the best operating microscope for anterior and posterior surgery.'' - Dr. James Whelan

DigitalOptics - See like never before

ZEISS ARTEVO 800 integrates the new DigitalOptics to provide optimized digital visualization during ophthalmic procedures. DigitalOptics helps reduce light intensity while providing exceptional depth of field and higher resolution images with natural colors. ZEISS provides the technology to see like never before for greater certainty in surgery. With DigitalOptics, ZEISS ARTEVO 800 allows you to see even more - with greater convenience.

''Integrated design enables optimal ergonomic positioning with maximum surgical visualization.'' - Dr. James Whelan

AdVision - Every detail in your line of sight

With ZEISS ARTEVO 800, make immediate decisions based on real-time data. AdVision places essential data where it is needed: into the view of the surgeon, without blocking the surgical field. See intraoperative OCT imaging, cataract assistance functions, phaco vitrectomy values and patient identification – to never miss a detail.

''Having integrated OCT allows for real-time retinal analysis during surgery. This is a huge benefit for macular surgery." - Dr. James Whelan

Hybrid Mode and AutoAdjust

With ZEISS ARTEVO 800 with Hybrid Mode, you can view the surgery using the 3D image on the screen or through the oculars. The operating team will continue to view the image and data on the 55” monitor.

AutoAdjust is designed to follow the surgeon’s workflow and automatically adjust settings without additional interaction – for example when switching between anterior and posterior segments.

''The ARTEVO 800 hybrid mode is excellent for transitioning surgeons from optical to digital. Transitions are easy to do with the just flick of a switch. It improves workflow for the entire OR staff." - Dr. James Whelan

On-Demand Educational Webinar - Retina applications with ZEISS ARTEVO 800

  • Case 1- Diabetic retinopathy with a tractional retinal detachment (digital scope).
  • Case 2 - Retinal detachment with a retinal tear.
  • Case 3 - Chronic uveitis with previous cataract surgery- Epiretinal membrane removal with i-OCT.
  • Case 4 - Combination Cataract with PPV and Peel.
  • OR setup with ZEISS ARTEVO 800.

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