Retinal Picture Contest


How to Enter

Retinal Picture Contest features unique and challenging fundus imaging cases offering diagnostic insights to a range of pathologies. 

To send your best shot captured from the CLARUS 500 HD Ultra-widefield camera to ZEISS, please follow the link below to complete the entry form and make your submission.

Entry Gift

Every participant will receive a CLARUS 500 poster with different retinal cases and pamphlets to educate the patients in the waiting room. Our gift to thank you for your participation.

Winner’s Prize

The winner will receive a Sony Camera ZV-1 with a ZEISS lens and their CLARUS 500 shot(s) will be published on the global ZEISS social channels (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram), as well as, on a separate webpage where the top 3 images will be published.

CLARUS 500 Contest Picture Example

Courtesy of Dr. Wes Mccann, OD, London, Ontario, Diabetic Retinopathy with vitreous hemes.



Stay in touch with ZEISS to be informed of the latest in ultra-widefield imaging.

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