Introducing the ZEISS ATLAS® 500, the next-gen corneal topographer that offers quick, accurate dry eye assessments in a single workstation. This state-of-the-art solution for the anterior eye segment offers multi-modality ocular surface analysis, facilitating:

  • Extended Insights
  • Comprehensive Dry Eye Reports
  • Optimized Design
  • Digital Documentation
  • Extended insights

    Equipped with a variety of measurement capabilities, the ZEISS ATLAS 500 quickly captures relevant corneal properties with high
    resolution images and videos. The Placido-based measurements provide a variety of anterior corneal topography analysis options:

    • Summary/custom view including all common topographic maps
    • Elevation (spheric, aspheric, and aspheric-toric)
    • Corneal wavefront analysis
    • Optical quality analysis
  • Profound decision-making

    The ZEISS ATLAS 500 provides a comprehensive dry eye report, which contains detailed information on a variety of parameters:

    • Meibography, including calculation of the area of loss
    • Tear meniscus height
    • Tear film break-up time
    • Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI) questionnaire
  • Optimized design

    With its proven performance, advanced features, and streamlined, contemporary design, the ZEISS ATLAS 500 is designed to fit into any modern clinic or practice environment and provides a positive experience for both operators and patients with its:

    • Acquisition support
    • Swivel-out measurement head
    • Enhanced working distance
  • Digital documentation

    The ZEISS ATLAS 500 is optimized for integration into the ZEISS medical ecosystem and speeds up practice workflows, ensuring reduced manual errors with:

    • ATLAS 9000 data import
    • Multi-modality worklists in FORUM
    • Reports and data export

Experience the future of ophthalmic technology: ZEISS ATLAS 500

The ZEISS ATLAS 500 represents a significant advancement over its predecessors, with enhanced speed, convenience, user-friendliness, detailed data, and upgraded software designed to accommodate various ophthalmic workflows and applications.

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