ZEISS Glaucoma Workflow

Manage Glaucoma with Confidence

Managing glaucoma in eye care requires a combination of advanced diagnostic tools, precise monitoring, and timely interventions. To effectively navigate the complexities of glaucoma care, the ZEISS Glaucoma Workflow Solution provides eye care professionals with a unified platform. From initial diagnosis to ongoing monitoring and treatment planning, this solution aims to improve healthcare delivery efficiency while ensuring the highest standard of patient outcomes. This integrated system represents a comprehensive approach that enhances the diagnostic accuracy of glaucoma and optimizes the entire patient care pathway.

  • Assess & Educate

    ZEISS SL 800

    • TrueView Optics: apochromatic ZEISS lenses with anti-reflex coating provide you with true-to-life colour and high contrast images
    • VarioLight: the integrated LED light source is accompanied by a halogen filter giving you advantages of both illumination characteristics
    • High Definition image and video capture


    • True Colour diagnosis and documentation of ocular disease, ensuring confidence when evaluating the optic disc, nevi and lesions where colour is important
  • Plan


    • Obtain more information in the central visual field with 24-2C SITA faster threshold test
    • SITA Faster 24-2 improves clinical workflow - approximately 50% faster than SITA Standard
    • Inform your decision-making with Guided Progression Analysis (GPA™)


    • High-defintion (HD) OCT and OCT Angiography (OCTA) scans, reveal the finer microvascular details of the retina and provide more insight into your patient’s condition
    • Avoid RNFL thickess error with AutoCenter function
    • Clnically-validated tools for a range of conditions
  • Treat


    • Integration and digital documentation for optimized pre- and post-operative evaluation
    • Safe and effective primary open-angle glaucoma therapy for lowering intraocular pressure
    • Comfortable and intuitive operation to fully focus on your patient
  • Check

    Glaucoma Workplace

    • Complete assessment: Structure-Function GPA integrates all longitudinal patient data from CIRRUS, HFA, fundus images, and IOP
    • Mark Important Clinical Events: Indicate timing of intervention and initiation of new trend analysis
    • Customize GPA parameters: As status changes, create dual baselines (2&3) to display rates of progression before and after intervention

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